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This was a "Where were you?" game. So... Where were you?

I take great joy in knowing this guy had an awful day today.
I take great joy in knowing this guy had an awful day today.

It's 5:44pm as I begin to type this, and my hands are still shaking.  This was the second game I've ever covered from a press box (the first being another thriller earlier this season at home against the Colts), so I'm a rookie of sorts in that regard.  In the past hour or so, I've just been soaking in the various images I've witnessed in the aftermath of perhaps the best regular season victory in Eagles history.  The recorder on my phone contains a boatload of great quotes from the Eagles' players, but I'm way too giddy, lightheaded, tired, woozy, whatever, to write anything coherent right about now.  That'll come later when I can actually process the events that occurred at "The New Meadowlands Stadium" this afternoon.  For as long as I live, I'll never forget where I was for this game.  Feel free to fill the comment section with where you were.

Here is just a random recalling of things I can remember right now:

- Cheering in the press box is prohibited.  Well, "prohibited" might be too strong, but it's definitely frowned upon.  Watching Dave Spadaro jump around the Giants press box like a lunatic during the DeSean Jackson return was one of the funniest things I've ever seen.  The Philly writers in general were pretty much cheering, which is apparently extremely rare.

- In the aftermath of the celebration, NFL rules say that you must kick the extra point if there's a TD scored with no time left on the clock.  It was difficult finding 11 Giants players to get out on the field for it.  There was a really old-timey beat writer sitting in front of me, and he desperately wondered aloud if the Giants could block the PAT and return it for a TD.  (He wasn't kidding, mind you, and he wasn't taking the loss so well).  I was all too pleased to assure him the game was over.

- On the way down to the locker rooms, you walk through a long tunnel area.  Along the way, there were a few fallen Eagles fans handcuffed and being processed by the NJ State Police.  They were of course joined by a bunch of Giants fans that were also headed to the pokey.  Philly may have a jail right in their stadium, but I saw proof with my own eyes that similar setups exist elsewhere around the NFL.

- The highlight of the locker room scene was the entrance of Brandon Graham on crutches (below).  He entered, just started screaming, and Brodrick Bunkley, Mike Patterson, and others along the D Line started screaming as well.  High comedy.  Apparently, Graham watched the game in a luxury box with Giants owner Bob Tisch.  (Tisch has ties to the University of Michigan).


- Watched as a cart was taking fallen rookies Brandon Graham and Nate Allen away, and DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin hopped on for the ride, with DeSean chanting "Ea-gles... Ea-gles" as opposing fans looked on. (below, although a little blurry, fans not pictured)


- Andy Reid had a bloody hand (presumably from the celebration).  During his presser, I asked how he cut his hand, to which he replied "Can we get some good questions?"  I've officially been sassed by Big Red!  Hooray!

- LeSean McCoy in the locker room yelling, "What's that? SIX in a row?!?"

- I personally attended the Duke-Kentucky "Christian Laettner game" back in the '90's, the 4th and 26th game, the Phillies Game 5 clincher over the Dodgers to go to the World Series last year, and the Phillies Game 6 clincher over the Braves to get to the World Series in '93.  This game topped them all.  Please share your giddiness below.

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