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Michael Vick Speaks To ESPN's Mike & Mike

Michael Vick was a guest of ESPN radio's Mike and Mike to talk about the upcoming game with the Giants and of course his journey this season. For those who missed it, I decided to transcribe the interview.

What did the Giants do in the first game that made it tough on you and your offense?

I think first off the Giants are very solid up front and that serves as a catalyst for their defense. The rest of the guys do a great job playing their roles and taking care of their responsibilities. They came out and played with a lot intensity, very fired up to play. In the meantime this is a divisional game so you know you're gonna get the oppositions' best.

How do you feel about being the leader in the pro bowl voting?

I means a lot to me. More than anybody could ever know. Based off a lot of things that happened in the past it shows that I'm moving forward on and off the field. Trying to take care of my responsibilities and doing what the fans like to see and that's making big plays and winning. I got to give a huge part of that to my support cast, my coaches and teammates gotta give them a lot of credit. Because without them I wouldn't be in the position. Without Roger Goodell and without coach Dungy, Andy Reid... I wouldn't be in the position I'm in now. I probably wouldn't be talking to you guys. So I'm just blessed for the opportunities I have, I'm blessed for everybody that's been camped around me for the last year and half and have helped me make good judgments and decisions on a daily basis. 

The biggest difference between Michael Vick the QB now and Michael Vick the QB in Atlanta?

Michael Vick now, I understand my role. I take the game very seriously now. I always have, but moreso now because I have more responsibilities in the passing game and I play with a great group of guys. I have a lot of things that I want to accomplish throughout my career. I'm 30 years old and not to say time is running out, but I didn't put in as much work when I was younger as I should have. So I'm just taking advantage of the opportunities I have now. Always be precise and try to go out every Sunday and give my team the very best.

When was the moment that it registered in your mind that you needed to change what you were doing playing the QB position if you wanted to get better at this?

I think over time I thought about how could I get better going forward. It started in 2006 at the end of the season when we didn't make the playoffs when I was in Atlanta. I just thought about changing a lot of my work habits and like I said I'm always chasing perfection and I want to be great. So I started putting things in perspective as far as what I could do to become the complete QB. I think it all starts with the system and your coaches believing in you and thinking you can get the job done. If you take on that role then I think the more they'll ask of you as a QB.

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