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Game Film: The Eagles' dominant 4-minute offense vs. Dallas


Earlier this year, the Eagles conducted a very impressive 4th quarter drive against the Colts that bled over 7 minutes off the clock, kept a frustrated Peyton Manning on the sidelines, and included three 3rd down conversions.  This past week, they closed out the Cowboys with an even more impressive game-sealing 4 minute drive in which the offensive line completely dominated the Cowboys' front 7.  The drive is below, with analysis after the jump:

1st and 10 (Eagles 10) - Quick little dump here by Michael Vick to LeSean McCoy.  Not much to note on this play other than the good job of McCoy to stay in bounds and keep the clock running.

2nd and 4 (Eagles 16) - This one is just a thing of beauty.  A bunch of things to note here (and you'll need to watch it several times:

- Watch Jason Peters absolutely manhandle Igor Olshansky.  Just raw physicality there.

- Watch Todd Herremans and Mike McGlynn double Jay Ratliff and push him 2 yards off the line of scrimmage.  Herremans then looks to get to the second level, but with nobody there to block he decides to sort of box out Ratliff basketball style.

- Watch Clay Harbor (lined up left side of the line) pulls across on a trap and gets a nice low block on DeMarcus Ware.

- Watch Max Jean-Gilles get to the second level and get a nice block on Keith Brooking.  Look at the footwork by the big man.  Nicely done.

- Great job by McCoy seeing the hole and just hitting it without hesitation.

1st and 10 (Eagles 28) - Another thing of beauty.  A bunch of things to look for here yet again:

- Poor Igor Olshansky.  For the second play in a row, he gets blown up, this time on a double team by Peters and Herremans.  For good measure, Peters then inflicts his wrath on Brooking, who is taken completely out of the play yet again.

- For the second play in a row, Harbor (this time coming from right to left on a trap) takes out Ware.

- McGlynn with a nice job one-on-one vs. Ratliff.

- Also, note Jason Avant at the top of screen getting a pancake on Gerald Sensabaugh.

- This time McCoy shows a little patience and outstanding vision to pick his way through the hole.

1st and 10 (Eagles 48) - Again, lots of good stuff here:

- Avant gets the big block on this one, as he gets Sensabaugh again.  Watch as Avant engages on Sensabaugh at about the Dallas 49 and just drives him back 7 yards.

- Peters is just overpowering Olshansky now, as he's able to drive him 3 yards off the line of scrimmage.

- Harbor comes across for the 3rd play in a row and takes out Ware, going low again this time.

- And finally, watch as Brooking comes on the blitz and tries to slam through the line.  He's stood up almost comically by Herremans, who just continues to move the pile forward.

- Great job by McCoy squirting through a smaller hole this time.

1st and 10 (Cowboys 40) - Finally! The Cowboys get a stop.  Ratliff beats McGlynn at the initial point of contact and messes up the play.  Note that Clay Harbor comes across for the 4th play in a row to trap Ware.  Hey DeMarcus, might want to watch out for that by now.

2nd and 10 (Cowboys 40) - This is just a great play call by the Eagles.  Watch as Ware is fixated on not cutting cut by Harbor again, and he loses contain on the naked boot by Vick.  Bravo, Marty.  Fantastic work there by the coaching staff.  Also fun to watch poor Olshansky get tossed around like a rag doll again.  Good job by Vick getting down and keeping the clock running.

3rd and 1 (Cowboys 31) - Harbor pulls across again and gets another nice block on Ware.  Peters throws Olshansky into the pile one last time.  Herremans lets Ratliff take himself out of the play.  McGlynn gets lower than Josh Price-Brent and wins that battle. Jean-Gilles and King Dunlap both win their matchups.  First down, victory formation, ballgame.

BONUS - We get the ANDY TRIFECTA!!!!!!!  At the 3:01 mark, we get the fist pump by Andy, a double point and smile at the 3:21 mark, and finally... Andy's trademark "fired up big guy cough/weeze" at 3:26.

If the Eagles OL can dominate like this in the run game consistently, I'm not sure how any defense will be able to stop them.

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