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NFC Obituary - Dead After Week 14 (and the hierarchy of the NFC)

Previously dead and buried


An argument could be made that the Redskins will be the worst team in the NFC in 2011.  Surprisingly, most of these teams have yet to quit, unlike the Giants around this time last year.  In 3 weeks, these teams will be fans like the rest of us - I'm thinking about having Tashard Choice over to root for the Eagles with me.

6-7, and tied for the division lead


The Seahawks got blown out by the 49ers.  At least the Rams lost to the Saints.

Unimpressive last week


The Buccaneers (8-5) should have lost to a Redskins team whose moral is in the toilet.  They were extremely lucky to escape DC with the W.

Opponent Record
Past week - At Redskins - Win  
Lions (3-10)
Seahawks (6-7)
At Saints (10-3)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (19-20)


For those of you ready to unload Kevin Kolb for a draft pick...


Anyone see Matt Flynn play last week?  With Aaron Rodgers down with his second concussion of the season and a visit to face the juggernaut New England Patriots this weekend, the NFC preseason darling Packers (8-5) are in serious jeopardy of being left out of the playoffs.

Past week - At Lions - LOSS  
At Patriots (11-2)
Giants (9-4)
Bears (9-4)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (29-10)


Embarrassed at home


Remember back in Week 1 when DeAngelo Hall stripped Tashard Choice just before the end of the half, and returned it for a TD?  The Cowboys got absolutely hammered for that, as they should have.  Why have I not heard the same response to the following gaffe by the Bears last Sunday, which to me was a far, far more egregious disgrace:

Past week - Patriots - LOSS  
At Vikings (5-8)
Jets (9-4)
At Packers (8-5)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (22-17)


Huge opportunity this week


The Giants (9-4) have the opportunity to ease the pain of 5 straight losses to the Eagles this Sunday.

Past week - At (sort of) Vikings  
Eagles (9-4)
At Packers (8-5)
At Redskins (5-8)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (22-17)


You "hold" the Eagles to 400 yards and 27 points, and apparently you're a great defense.

Just as the Giants have a great opportunity to ease the pain of 5 straight losses to the Eagles (9-4), the Eagles have a chance to continue their utter dominance over the Giants.

Past week - At Cowboys - WIN  
At Giants (9-4)
Vikings (5-8)
Cowboys (4-9)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (18-21)


Could finish 13-3 and be forced to play on the road in the first round against a team with 6 fewer wins


That's just a travesty.  The Saints finish up against 3 teams with a combined record of 28-11.  The reigning champs are obviously battle tested, and they'll get 3 stiff challenges before the playoffs begin.  I'd want no part of this team in January.

Past week - Rams - WIN  
At Ravens (9-4)
At Falcons (11-2)
Buccaneers (8-5)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (28-11)


The Saints are better, but...



...gotta keep these guys at the top, who have rattled off 7 straight wins after getting dominated by the Eagles.

Past week - At Panthers - WIN  
At Seahawks (6-7)
Saints (10-3)
Panthers (1-12)
Cumulative record of remaining opponents (17-22)

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