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Redskins Might Bench McNabb Against Cowboys?

There's an odd story developing down in Washington and looks to be the next chapter in the very weird story that has been Mike Shanahan and Donovan McNabb's first season with the Redskins. Our pals at Hogs Haven picked up on a Chris Mortenson report that the Redskins were considering starting Rex Grossman this weekend against the Cowboys. The rationale given was apparently to rest McNabb because he "wasn't 100%."

McNabb was then of course asked whether he was injured or unable to play for any reason?

McNabb says "nothing is wrong." with body. Asked if he is healthy? "Yes indeed, a hundred percent"

Ok... So Shanahan is obviously asked about the report at his press conference today. Reporters couldn't seem to tell whether his response was a joke or not.

"We’re not committing to tell you who the starters are at any position," Shanahan said Wednesday, explaining how he hopes to keep the Dallas Cowboys guessing about a possible switch to Rex Grossman. "They’ve got to get ready for a couple of players. That’s good for us."

He was then asked about McNabb's health. Remember that McNabb said "nothing was wrong" and that he was "100% healthy?"

"Quarterbacks never tell you the truth," Mike Shanahan said. "He hasn’t scrambled a lot. I think it’s probably hurting him a little bit more than he’s indicating. Quarterbacks I’ve been around, they’ll never admit to being hurt, so I can’t tell you that for sure."

Of course reporters then ran to McNabb to ask if he's heard that he might not be starting and if not should Shanahan have already told him?

"I would have hoped," McNabb said. "That’s professionalism. Communication."

What is going on down there?

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