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The NFC West has a collective point differential of -247

With playoff-worthy teams such as the Falcons (9-2), Saints (8-3), Bears (8-3), Eagles (7-4), Giants (7-4), Packers (7-4), and Buccaneers (7-4) all slugging it out down the stretch for 5 playoff spots, it's an utter disgrace that a team from the horrid NFC West is going to slide in possibly with a losing record and get a home game, no less. This morning, as I was perusing the standings for my weekly NFC Obituary thing, I noticed that every team in the NFC West has a negative point differential. The 5-6 Rams are the best with a (-18), followed by the 4-7 49ers at (-36), and then the 5-6 Seahawks at (-66) and the God-awful 3-8 Cardinals at (-125). That calculates to a cumulative (-247):

Division Point differential
NFC North (+) 79
AFC West (+) 65
AFC East (+) 59
AFC North (+) 59
NFC East (-) 2
NFC South (-) 5
AFC South (-) 8
NFC West (-) 247

Shame on you, NFC West.

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