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Eagles And Falcons Have The Easiest Remaining Schedule Of NFC Playoff Contenders

There are five games remaining in the NFL season and the Philadelphia Eagles have the easiest remaining schedule of every NFC playoff contender. The Chicago Bears, who have been going on all week about all the respect they're due after finally beating a good team in the Eagles, will have plenty of chances to prove themselves as they've got the toughest schedule from here on out. Their division rival, the Packers also have a tough road, so that division winner will certainly be battle tested. However, it may mean that the wildcard won't end up coming from the North. The NFC West teams have such an easy remaining schedule because of course they have to play each other and none of them have a winning record.

Here's the NFC teams in order of toughest strength of schedule to easiest. Only teams within two games of their division lead are on the list.

Team Remaining Opponents Winning %
Bears .564
Saints .564
Packers .545
Redskins .545
Buccaneers .527
Giants .509
Rams .491
Seahawks .473
49ers .473
Falcons .400
Eagles .400

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