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Game film: A very un-Eagle-like drive

He can't beat you if he's standing on the sidelines.
He can't beat you if he's standing on the sidelines.

With 12:41 left in the 4th Quarter and a 9 point lead last Sunday against the Colts, the Eagles held onto the football for almost 7 minutes.  They didn't score, but it was a very important drive that ate up almost half of the 4th quarter.  On the drive, they picked up 3 first downs on 3rd down.  Credit Marty Mornhinweg and Andy Reid for sticking with the run and bleeding the clock.  Credit Michael Vick for making big plays on 3rd down.  If it's 3rd down and you need a big first down, is there a QB in the league that you'd rather have than Michael Vick right now?  The 3 first downs:

3rd and 2 - Really nice play call.  The Eagles motion Jackson into the backfield, then slip him out into the flat for an easy screen pass and first down.

3rd and 10 - Vick throws, as Phil Simms says, a missile to a well-covered DeSean Jackson for the first.

3rd and 10 - With nobody open, Vick makes a play that no other QB in the league can make as he scrambles for a first down.  Makes it look easy, too.

Here's the drive in its entirety: