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NFL: Kurt Coleman Will Not Be Fined for Hit on Austin Collie

It appears the NFL does listen to common least some of the time. Jason LaCanfora has just reported that the NFL is declining to fine Kurt Coleman for his hit on Austin Collie because "Collie's helmet-to-helmet contact was a result of being driven toward a defender from a prior hit." As the folks at CBS and the folks around BGN have been saying all along, there was nothing Coleman could have done to avoid the hit, so there should be no reason for a fine. Good call by Goodell and Co. here.

However, in a frustrating display of infallibility, the NFL has deemed that the call on the field - that of an incomplete pass and a penalty-worthy hit - was properly officiated. LaCanfora reports that NFL officials have been instructed to err on the side of player safety going forward, which should provide a nice big gray area when it comes to classifying defenseless receivers and illegal hits.

Thanks once again to The Legend for breaking the news.