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Philadelphia Eagles Week 9 Game Balls

A big Eagles win means lots of great candidates for game balls of the week, but I thought three stood out.

Michael Vick - I really don't know what there is left to doubt. Vick is the best QB on this team and he wasn't just on a hot streak earlier in the year. He's really a better QB now than he ever was and like I said yesterday, we'll go as far as he takes us this season. He had 93.8 QB rating, he threw for 218 yards and a TD, he ran for 74 yards and a TD, and like he's done all year converted big third downs time after time. At this point, I don't see how he's not the starting QB next season.

DeSean Jackson - Last time we saw DeSean Jackson he was being helped off the field with a dazed look in his eyes after the Dunta Robinson hit. Just a couple weeks later, he's shredding the Colts secondary again. 7 catches for 109 yards and a TD, plus those big fourth quarter end around carries that netted him another 20 yards.

Asante Samuel - We all know about the two picks. That's always been what Asante Samuel does, he gets picks... but I want to call attention to the job he did in coverage yesterday. He owned Garcon. I saw a stat that said Manning threw at him twice in the first half. One was incomplete, the other was picked off. This has been a theme all year. I believe the Titans threw at him just three times all game. He's not just a gambler who picks off passes anymore, he's become more of a shut down corner this season than we've ever seen from him.