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Mike Jenkins is up to his old tricks

Piling on the Cowboys right now is kind of redundant at this point, but we'd be remiss if the effort by Mike Jenkins last night went without noting.  We all remember this video from Jenkins' rookie season, right?  Sorry for the poor video quality - There used to be a clean version of this, but it appears to be gone:

Apparently old habits die hard.  I love how Mariucci quips, "He turned it down."  Last night vs. Green Bay:

What I find funny about this one is that it's not like James Jones is some sort of bruising running back.  That was just pure quit.

And since, quite frankly, I don't like Mike Jenkins, here's a bonus video of his horrible game against Tennessee this year after the jump, that actually rivals Ellis Hobbs' poor performance against the Titans.  OK, so now I'm piling on.  Enjoy!