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NFC Obituary - Dead After Week 9 (and the hierarchy of the NFC)

Eli Manning and the Giants shredded the Seahawks in Seattle for their 5th straight win.
Eli Manning and the Giants shredded the Seahawks in Seattle for their 5th straight win.

No new deaths for the second consecutive week.  Had the Vikings lost, I'd have killed them off, but the legendary Brett Favre willed his team back at home against the mighty Arizona Cardinals with the childlike enthusiasm of a kid just slinging the ball around in his back yard.  What a warrior.

All the good teams in the NFC won this week, and four of them won in very impressive fashion.  We'll get to them in a minute, but first let's recap the teams that are done:

Dead, buried and disgraced


We can go nine in a row, if you ask me. People can call me stupid or whatever, but this football team has the core of players, it has the supporting cast of players to win nine in row. We just got to get it started just for other players to be like, "All right, we got it now."

- Roy E. Williams


Dead and buried


The Lions are going to be a very good in 2011.  Hell, they're a good team right now, certainly better than their 2-6 record might indicate.  This team no longer has holes up and down its roster.  It has bona fide stars (Suh, Megatron, Delmas, etc), some nice role players, a budding young QB, and good head coach (his horrible coach management this week aside).

The Panthers are terrible.

Did I bury them too early?


The 49ers are a bad team this year.  I've personally seen nothing from this team that leads me to believe they can realistically compete for a playoff berth.  I killed them off when they were 1-6, and yet, I wonder if that was too early.  Why?  Because that division, the NFC West, is beyond terrible.  Frankly, it's amazing that 2 teams in that division have won 4 games.

See the rest of the NFC hierarchy after the jump...

The worst division in sports


I hate this division.  I hate it because one of these teams is going to have a home playoff game.  I hate them because the Eagles don't get to play them.  I hate them because the NFC South gets to play each of the these teams this year and pad their records.  Screw you, NFC West.  You're a joke.

You still stink, Vikings.


Winning in the final minute... at home... against the Cardinals... Sorry, not impressed, Vikes.  You're still very much on my death watch.



Donovan McNabb and the Redskins a bye this week to catch their breath.

How are these teams 5-3?


If you add up all the wins of the 5 teams the Bears beat, you get 10 wins, and Green Bay has 6 of them.  Their other wins - Detroit (2 wins, and I'd contend that the Bears didn't even beat the Lions), Dallas (1 win), Carolina (1 win), and Buffalo (0 wins).  As the Bears enter into the more difficult part of their schedule, I'm confident we'll see this team drop off sharply.

The Bucs were actually a little feisty in Atlanta this week.  Still just a cute story right now, but not a legitimate contender.

Good team, I think.


They've had 3 tough tests so far this year (the Eagles, Steelers, and Saints), and won 1 of them, while cleaning up on the team they should beat.  Still, beating teams you should beat is often under-appreciated.  They have tough test number 4 this week, and they host the Ravens at home.  Good game - I hope it's on TV.

Very talented teams that are just now getting into mid-season form


The Eagles took it to the reigning AFC Champion Colts this Sunday, while the Packers and Saints did to a couple bad teams (the Cowboys and Panthers, respectively) what good teams do... They blew them out.  These teams right here, along with the Giants are the cream of the NFC crop.

Still at the top


5 game winning streak, and they're winning in impressive fashion.  The Giants have a bye this week (they play the Cowboys), followed by a HUGE NFC East showdown on Sunday night in Philadelphia.