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Anthony Gonzalez, Joseph Addai, Mike Hart & Clint Session All Out For Sunday

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The Colts have departed for Philadelphia and left three key parts of their offense back in Indianapolis. The team announced today that they've put WR Anthony Gonzalez on IR with a knee injury and left running backs Joseph Addai and Mike Hart behind with neck and ankle injuries respectively.

Also out for the Colts this weekend is LB Clint Session, CB Justin Tryon, S Bob Sanders, DT Antonio Johnson & TE Brody Eldridge.

As I wrote over on the SBNation fantasy page, the Colts injury situation is only exacerbated by the ridiculous position they’ve been put in by the NFL’s schedule makers. After playing on Monday night, they have to travel to the east coast on a short week to play a team coming off their bye. I'm happy to take whatever advantage we can get especially against a team as good as the Colts, but if the Eagles were in this situation I'd be screaming bloody murder.