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The Linc - Antonio Dixon Takes Over Starting Role

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Eagles' DT Dixon to Start; Bunkley Will Play
Brodrick Bunkley will play. Antonio Dixon will start. For how long? That remains to be seen. Don’t be surprised if this arrangement continues for the rest of the season.

Eagles' mission on Sunday: Sack Peyton Manning | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/06/2010
Trent Cole, avid hunter of deer and quarterbacks, has a saying: "Quarterbacks on Sundays. White tails on Mondays." But the quarterback the defensive end is set to hound this Sunday is different from other prey. No quarterback has been sacked fewer times than Peyton Manning since the NFL started keeping official track of the statistic.

Nation Taking No Joy In Cowboys' Pathetic Collapse
'Actually, Never Mind, It's Really Fun,' Reports Populace

The readers speak ... and they'd like a little quiet -
The readers have spoken. We asked you to choose your favorite NFL announcers in eight categories and you responded by casting nearly 54,000 votes in our online survey. The winners? Read on.

Madden 11 Roster Update #11 Details |
In reaction to his benching and the reasoning given by Mike Shanahan the stamina rating for Donovan McNabb has taken an eight point hit.

Eagles Notes: Will McDermott Blitz Manning?

Sean McDermott loves to blitz. Peyton Manning eats blitzes alive. So what’s a defensive coordinator to do? Do you stick to your guns, send everybody after Manning, risk leaving receivers open down the field and hope that your blitzes will somehow arrive before Manning spots the hot read?