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Reid: DeSean Jackson "Ready To Roll," Will Also Likely Return Punts

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DeSean Jackson has been a full participant in every practice this week, he's been fully cleared by the Eagles doctors and an independent neurologist, and barring any setbacks he looks to be a full go this weekend. Surprisingly, that may also include returning punts. Asked today whether Jackson will play Sunday, Andy Reid seemed pretty confident that he would.

"Yeah, listen, I always leave that open when you're dealing with concussions. But he had a great practice and he's been feeling well and ready to roll. So we'll just see, again, I keep those open."

The interesting thing was when he was asked whether DeSean will resume returning punts? "Yeah. He's been practicing that, yeah." Reid said. That certainly seemed like a clearly affirmed response right? As I've said before here, I'm fine with that. Punt returning isn't a terribly dangerous thing to do, especially compared to kickoff returning. If they do use DeSean to return punt, I imagine they'll do it in much the same way they have all year. He probably won't take every return, but he'll be back there when it makes sense.