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The Linc - The Manning Mystique Oooh!

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Eagles LB Sims: "Put Pressure On Manning, Even Better Put Him Out Of The Game" - SB Nation Philly
Put pressure on Peyton Manning", Sims said. "He’s the key to their offense. You put pressure on him, get him on the ground. Get him moving round in the pocket, get him nervous back there. Even better put him out of the game. That will be our main goal. Put pressure on Peyton Manning and it will trickle down to their whole offense

Young Eagles Need to Overcome Manning Mystique
So far, Peyton Manning has had his way with the Eagles, going 3-0 and winning by an average of 24 points. Will Sunday's game at the Linc be any different? By Reuben Frank

This is DeSean Jackson's new anti-concussion helmet - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Whenever he returns to the playing field -- and that might be this weekend against Indianapolis or in two Mondays against the Redskins -- DeSean Jackson(notes) will be wearing a new helmet designed to limit concussions. This begs the question: if such techonolgy exists, why isn't everyone wearing these helmets?

Andy Reid owns the bye week - NFC East Blog - ESPN
There are two constants in the lives of Philadelphia Eagles fans in the Andy Reid Era outside of ultimate disillusionment: The Eagles will nearly always stagger out of the gates with a record similar to what they have heading into Sunday's home game (4-3) against the Indianapolis Colts, and they will always win the game immediately following their bye week.

DeSean to play, barring setback | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/04/2010
Barring a setback, DeSean Jackson will play Sunday when the Eagles host the Indianapolis Colts. The Eagles are preparing for the Colts with the expectation that the wide receiver will start, according to a team source.

2010 Colts Game Preview: Indianapolis Colts @ Philadelphia Eagles - Stampede Blue
The Colts head to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. Can they extend their winning streak to 5 games?

Most Important Eagles Players: No. 1-53 by Jordan Raanan - Eagles // NFL | 97.5 The Fanatic
The second stanza of the Eagles' season begins Sunday against the Colts and ends next year when the Cowboys come for a visit. So who are the most important players (No. 1-53) over the final nine weeks of the season?