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Eagles Themed Tailgate Vehicles

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Every Friday, we'll be highlighting great tailgaters & essential parts of a great tailgate. Today, we tip our cap to the Eagles themed tailgate vehicles. Walk around the parking lot of the Linc any given Sunday and you'll see tons of these. Some are old buses, some are campers painted green, and in fact last time I was at the Linc I saw an old converted ambulance turned in to a tailgate vehicle.

You have to respect the commitment it takes to have a whole vehicle for the sole purpose of tailgating. After all, you probably aren't driving that midnight green school bus with "Go Eagles" on the side to work every day. That thing gets loaded with coolers Saturday night and fired up Sunday mornings and that's it. Probably not much more than 8 weeks a year.

Plus, these aren't the type of people who show up around noon for a 1pm guy. If you've got your own tailgate vehicle, you're in the parking lot at 7 or 8 o'clock. You're eating three meals in that thing. If it's a 4 o'clock game, no big deal... Half of these things I see lately have a flat screen on the back to show the early game. If not, they've at least got the pregame show cranked on the radio. So here's to the Eagles themed tailgate vehicles. If you've got one yourself, by all means show it off.

How about Marissa Miller with a sword now?