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Philadelphia Eagles Fantasy Football Rankings

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We're well into the NFL season and I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the some of the Eagles updated fantasy rankings versus where they were before the season. In other words, who is meeting their fantasy expectations, exceeding them, or falling short? Normally, I'd start with the QB position but obviously that has been entirely turned on its head since the start of the year... so the preseason predictions aren't going to tell us much.

So we'll start with the RB position. In preseason LeSean McCoy was ranked as the #24 running back. For the year date, McCoy has been the 4th highest scoring RB in the CBS fantasy leagues. Right now he's leading all RBs in receptions. Clearly McCoy has far exceeded his preseason projections.

DeSean Jackson was the 8th ranked WR and so far has produced as the 13th best. A bit underwhelming, but not too far off. In preseason CBS had him projected for 77 catches for 1201 yards and 9 TDs. To this point he has 35 catches, 678 yards & 5 TDs (he also has a rushing TD). Nine TDs is certainly within reach, but it seems unlikely he's going to meet his catch or yardage totals. Jackson has been the definition of a feast or famine player this year. He'll have monster games one week and disappear the next. He's clearly fallen short of his preseason projections.

Jeremy Maclin was the 28th ranked ranked WR before the year, so far he's been the 10th highest fantasy producer at the position. CBS projected him for 64 receptions, 855 yards and 6 TDs. Through 11 games he has 51 receptions, 752 yards & 8 TDs. So he's already surpassed his projections as far as TDs and should easily eclipse the rest of the projections by year's end. Clearly he's far exceeded his projections.

Finally, there's Brent Celek who ESPN had ranked as the #3 overall TE. Through 11 weeks he's #25 in production. He's still behind Dallas Clark who hasn't played in more than a month. CBS had him projected to catch 73 passes for 880 yards and 7 TDs. So far he's caught just 26 passes for 287 yards and just 3 TDs. Obviously he has no shot at meeting any of those expectations. At this point, his fantasy owners and Eagles fans are just hoping for a strong finish to the season. He did have a touchdown catch last week against the Bears, so hopefully that can help spark a little resurgence for him in the last couple months of the season. is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.

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