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A far too early look at the Eagles' potential draft targets

While perusing some of the team websites of some of our already fallen rivals (*cough* Cowboys *cough*), I've noticed that some folks are already shopping for their #1 draft pick next year.

While it's undoubtedly WAY too early for Eagles fans to begin concerning ourselves with the 2011 NFL Draft, I did notice something fairly interesting about the Top 32 prospects according to ESPN.

Let's say the draft was tomorrow - What would the Eagles' Top 6 needs be? We could debate that all day, but in my opinion, I'd go with, in order:

1) Offensive Line (any position along the OL)

2) Cornerback

3) Outside Linebacker

4) Defensive End

5) Defensive Tackle

6) Running Back

As luck would have it, 22 of ESPN's 32 top prospects play a position I've identified as a "top 4 need." Here is a list of players the Eagles could look to target:

OL Rank CB Rank
Derek Sherrod, Miss. St. (OT) 17 Patrick Peterson, LSU 2
Anthony Costanzo, Boston College (OT) 19 Prince Amukamara, Nebraska 6
Rodney Hudson, Florida St. (Center) 21 Janoris Jenkins, Florida 14
Nate Solder, Colorado (OT) 22 Ras-I Dowling, Virginia 20
Gabe Carimi, Wisconsin (OT) 25

Demarcus Love, Arkansas (OT) 30

OLB Rank DE Rank
Akeem Ayers, UCLA 11 Da'Quan Bowers, Clemson 3
Von Miller, Texas A&M 23 Robert Quinn, UNC 8
Travis Lewis, Oklahoma 24 Adrian Clayborn, Iowa 10
Bruce Carter, UNC 27 Ryan Kerrigan, Purdue 12
Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma 32 Allen Bailey, Miami 15

Cameron Heyward, Ohio St. 18

Cameron Jordan, Cal 31

DT Rank HB Rank
Marcell Dareus, Alabama 4 Mark Ingram, Alabama 16
Stephen Paea, Oregon St. 9

Drake Nevis, LSU 26

Nick Fairley, Auburn 28

Obviously, a lot can and will change among college prospects between now and next April, but the 2011 class could play nicely into the Eagles hands, as they may have the luxury of sitting back and simply grabbing the best player available while also filling a need.