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Big Day for the NFL Waiver Wire

Big names abound today as both Randy Moss and Shawne Merriman prepare to hit the waiver wire. The deadline for teams to claim either player is 4:00 p.m. EST, where the team with the worst win-loss record will be awarded the player.

The rumor mill has the Redskins as a potential landing spot for Moss, but there should be quite a few other interested parties as well. As for Merriman, his decreased production coupled with his $3.2 million contract should cause many teams to avoid him. However, if he clears waivers without being claimed, any team could pick him up as a free agent for an entirely new contract.

We'll keep you updated on whether the Eagles or any of their rivals make a move.

UPDATE [5:11 P.M.]: Looks like Merriman has been claimed by the Bills and Moss will be making his home in Tennessee with the Titans. Andy Reid told the media earlier that he was content with his wide receivers and did not bother to make a claim on Moss.