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DeSean Jackson Sees Neurologist, Presumably Passes?

DeSean Jackson said today that he did see the neurologist today and that he will practice tomorrow.

Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson said he saw independent neurologist Dr. William Welch today and that he will practice tomorrow. Jackson did not say whether Welch gave him final clearance to play Sunday against the Colts. In fact, he said he is still "taking it day by day" as he recovers from a concussion suffered Oct. 17 against the Falcons.
While he didn't say whether he passed, you would have to presume he did if he's going to return to practice. NFL rules state that a player who sustained a concussion must be cleared by an independent physician before returning to practice. On Monday it was reported that Jackson was practicing, but in fact he was just doing cardiovascular work which is allowed.

Gotta keep that "cardiovascular endurance" up right?

We'll get a clearer idea of where Jackson is tomorrow when the Eagles release their first official injury report.