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The Linc: Aftermath Of Eagles Vs Bears & A Man Dies At Soldier Field

Man Dies After Falling off Ledge at Soldier Field
Authorities say a man has died after falling at least 20 feet from a ledge at Soldier Field while attending a Chicago Bears game. Chicago police say the man fell around 4:55 p.m. Sunday during the NFL matchup between the Bears and the Philadelphia Eagles. He was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Eagles' Defense 'Embarrassed' by Chicago
Quintin Mikell, Joselio Hanson and the Eagles' defense were hit for five plays of at least 30 yards vs. the Bears. Bottom line: they were embarrassed. By Andy Schwartz

Andy & Birds angry with selves after loss to Bears | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/29/2010
"Listen, there's a point where you have to put your foot down and stop it, as coaches and players, it has to be stopped," Reid said. At another point he said, forcefully, "When you're down, you've got to bounce back."

Jackson gets under Reid’s skin - Wing Tips
Multiple team sources told The News Journal that Jackson was chewed out by coach Andy Reid in front of the entire team after the game. Jackson, one source said, had irritated Reid by having a loose demeanor before the game and not taking pre-game drills seriously.

Inside the Eagles: College loyalty brings out the fan in Eagles | Philadelphia Inquirer | 11/28/2010
Want to start a shouting match in the Eagles' locker room? It's easy. Just bring up college allegiances, conference superiority, and this week's rivalry games, then stand back as the fire spreads through the kindling of intensely competitive and proud young men. Yes, they are all professionals, but as the college season reaches its climax, school loyalty brings out the fan in the Eagles.

You can't trust these Eagles, yet - NFC East Blog - ESPN
CHICAGO -- Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid isn't a particularly expressive man, but he appeared angry after his club's 31-26 loss to the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Just when you thought an elite team might emerge from the NFC East, the Eagles shrunk to the occasion at Soldier Field and were overwhelmed by a team that had built its 7-3 record against the softest schedule in the league.