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Eagles Slip Up On The Road Vs The Bears

The Eagles lost a tough game on the road to the Chicago Bears, but with just three days of rest before the next game there's really no time to dwell on the defeat. It was a road loss to a good team and that's going to happen in the NFL. The Eagles face the Texans on Thursday night in Philadelphia and the focus must quickly shift to that game.

While the Eagles may need to start looking ahead, we don't really have to just yet... Heading into the 4th quarter this game looked like the Bears were ready to stroll to a win, but the Eagles scored 13 fourth quarter points to pull within 5 needing an onside kick to set up a possible game winning drive. They weren't able to convert the kick, but at least they made what looked like a blowout into a real nailbiter. In the end, this game was decided in the red zone on both sides of the ball. The Bears defense came up big time after time and the Eagles defense came up small. You'd have to put this game neck in neck with the Tennessee game as the worst defensive performance of the season.

The Eagles defense clearly missed Asante Samuel as Jay Cutler picked on the secondary for most of the day throwing for 247 yards and 4 TDs. That said, Asante Samuel wouldn't have helped the terrible tackling or the Eagles inability to get good footing on an awful surface at Soldier field. Never was the home-field advantage more noticeable when Eagles defenders were slipping all over the place while the Bears playmakers had no such trouble. The Eagles offense were also victims of the poor surface as they slipped on a few key plays as well. But like I said, that's why playing on the road in the NFL is tough.

On the offensive side of the ball, you'd have to say that overall the unit played well enough to win.. but not really good overall. Especially not by the high standards they've set. Despite not having his best game of the season, Michael Vick still threw for 333 yards & two TDs while completing over 65% of his passes (plus 44 yards rushing). The Eagles racked up just about 400 yards of offense and out-gained the Bears, but the fact they settled for FGs on three drives where they had goal to go sunk them in the end.

Check after the jump for some notes on the game

A Look At The Receivers

It was an up and down game for the WRs today. Jason Avant led the way with 8 catches for 83 yards. It made some sense that the slot receiver would be the Eagles top gainer today because the Bears essentially played a prevent defense with the safeties playing 20+ yards off the line of scrimmage. Jeremy Maclin had four catches including his 8th TD catch of the season. Brent Celek caught a fourth quarter TD pass on one of the craziest throws you'll ever see. Michael Vick put the ball between four Bears defenders and Celek did a great job keeping his concentration to haul the pass in. DeSean Jackson had a pretty terrible night with just two catches and at least two drops from what I saw, one of which would have been a TD. That's the second drop he's had in the end zone in as many weeks.

Trent Cole Passes Hugh Douglas

With his first quarter sack of Jay Cutler, Eagles DE Trent Cole moved past Hugh Douglas into third place on the Eagles all time sack list. It was the 55th sack of Cole’s career. He now trails Clyde Simmons and Reggie White. He’s got a good shot at catching Simmons who has 76 sacks, but it’ll be a long time if Cole can can ever catch Reggie White who has 124! He did get his 56th sack later in the game... so watch out Reggie.

Who Was the Worst Defender On The Field Today?

A few candidates... For me it comes down to Quintin Mikell, who was victimized, or Stewart Bradley, who was absent. Although Lindley, Patterson, & Hanson certainly didn't impress either.

The Eagles are now even in the NFC East with the Giants win, but hold a virtual lead thanks to their head to head victory.