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Ellis Hobbs likely to retire

Ellis Hobbs has likely played his last game in the NFL
Ellis Hobbs has likely played his last game in the NFL

One day at training camp as all the players were making their way from the field back to the locker room, Ellis Hobbs' wife or significant other was there waiting for him with his little kid, who was probably no more than a year, maybe a year and a half old.  Hobbs stopped to answer a few quick questions, before chasing his little kid around, who was stumbling around in the grass.  The kid was struggling to stay upright, and Hobbs was behind him mimicking his kid's awkward stumble.  It was actually pretty funny.

This morning on ESPN's NFL Countdown, they reported that Ellis Hobbs is scheduled to have neck surgery, and that Hobbs' friends from around the league have said that he is planning on an early retirement.  When you're 2 serious neck injuries/surgeries deep and have a family, that's absolutely the correct decision for Hobbs.  Let's all raise a glass to the Eagles' 2010 opening day starting corner.  Cheers, Hobbsy.  Best of luck.

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