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Eagles Vs Bears: McDermott On Jay Cutler & Mike Martz

The Eagles visit Solider Field this Sunday to take on the Bears and their 25th ranked offense. That's if you ranked the offenses by points, if you sorted the ranks by yardage the Bears are the 3rd worst in the NFL. This is an offense that converts 32% of its 3rd downs, that's the 4th lowest percentage in the NFL. By the way can you guess the worst third down team in the NFL?

Despite their offensive struggles, the Bears continue to churn out wins and they come into this game with extra rest and home-field advantage. "Lil Red" Sean McDermott is not taking the Bears lightly. He talked this week about the progress Jay Cutler has made and the Mike Martz offense.

On what he sees in Bears QB Jay Cutler's development this year:

"I think he's playing with more confidence. He's got, really, two ex-head coaches in [offensive line] Coach [Mike] Tice and [offensive coordinator] Coach [Mike] Martz that are working with him and around him on a daily basis. So, I'm sure that's helped his overall development and the development of the offense. Within that, I think he's playing with more confidence and a better feel for his receivers, having been around them for a year-plus now."

On whether Mike Martz almost dares you to blitz with the way he runs his offense:

"That's kind of the reputation that's out there a little bit, especially early on in the year. They've changed just a little bit over the last three or four games from the seven-step drop - what we know about that system - to more five-step [drop], [get the] ball out, and protect the quarterback. So, they're doing what they need to do to win games when you look at the overall team from a defensive standpoint, offensive standpoint and special teams."