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Vick & Akers Leading in Pro Bowl Votes

A few days ago, the folks at released a list of the top Pro Bowl vote-getters by position. To no one's surprise, Michael Vick made the list at quarterback for the NFC. So far, he has garnered approximately 405,292 votes, second overall to Peyton Manning (496,658 votes).

A nice surprise was that David Akers is currently leading all NFC kickers with 89,420 votes of his own. He and Vick are the only two Eagles to top the list at their position so far, so make sure to head on over to and submit a few ballots during the holiday weekend. Remember Project Donalulu and throw in a few votes for McNabb as well.

Some of our friends around the NFC East also made the list: LaRon Landry (112,333), and Antrel Rolle (86,009). David Diehl (73,110) and Shaun O'Hara (101,995) also curiously made the list. I wonder how many people realize that they're both currently injured and have only started a combined 12 games this year? It just goes to show you that the offensive line position is based more on name recognition than anything else.

To see the complete list, check out the full article here.