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The State of the Kick Return Position

Now that Ellis Hobbs is officially on IR with a neck injury, the Eagles are left with a hole at not only the cornerback position, but at kick returner as well. Dimitri Patterson has filled in quite nicely at Hobbs' old right cornerback slot, but the KR duties remain somewhat of a question mark. Here's a quick look at the options the Eagles currently have on their roster (in alphabetical order).

Jason Avant: Bobby April experimented with putting in Avant on returns during training camp, but never moved to the next step. Avant dabbled with return duties in college, but has only one NFL return under his belt - a little 13-yard squeaker back in 2008.

Eldra Buckley: Buckley's entire professional kick returning experience is exactly what we saw Sunday night. One return for 20 yards.

Jorrick Calvin: The Eagles brought Calvin in during training camp as a return specialist and he has run back 13 kicks so far this season, producing a respectable average of 22.1 yards per return. However, his costly fumble on a punt return against the Titans has left many with a sour taste in their mouths.

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Chad Hall: The minuscule Hall was less than impressive when performing return duties this preseason, but did rack up a 22.5 yard average off of 23 returns in college (no fumbles).

Rod Harper: Currently serving on the Eagles practice squad as a wide receiver, Harper saw limited KR action in his years at Murray State, racking up 100 yards on 5 returns in 2005.

Jerome Harrison: The Eagles have reportedly performed some practices recently with Harrison rotating in at KR. No one doubts the fifth-year pro's open field speed, but his professional return duties have been limited. During his years with the Cleveland Browns, Harrison saw action on only 7 kickoffs, averaging a measly 12.4 yards per return.

DeSean Jackson: Although Jackson is a prolific punt returner, he has only seen action on two kickoffs during his time as an Eagle. With his #1 receiver status and occasional PR duties, though, it's impossible to see him being an option except in the most dire of situations.

Jeremy Maclin: Although Maclin has a bit more professional KR experience than DeSean Jackson, the reasoning remains the same. Why risk your starting wide receiver when there are other options on the roster?

Jamar Wall: Currently on the practice squad as a cornerback, Wall averaged 22.5 yards per return on 22 kickoffs during his time at Texas Tech.

Jeremy Williams: A wide receiver on the practice squad, Williams participated in 29 kick returns during his tenure at Tulane. He averaged an impressive 24.2 yards per return (29 kickoffs) and one touchdown.