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Michael Vick On The Cover Of This Week's Sports Illustrated

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The Michael Vick redemption story continues to grow, as doe the amount of people writing about the story... The latest is Sports Illustrated, who put Vick on the cover for the fourth time in his career. From the press release,

Michael Vick graces the cover of this week's November 29, 2010, issue of Sports Illustrated, on newsstands tomorrow, with the billing The Enigma: What Michael Vick Tells Us About Ourselves. It is the fourth time Vick has taken top honors on the cover of the weekly issue and his first as a Philadelphia Eagle. In an extremely in-depth look at the most compelling story of the 2010 NFL season, senior writer S.L. Price examines how the league and its millions have had to confront regarding crime, punishment and personal redemption-all of which beg the question, Is it okay to cheer for him?

The story includes an interesting quote from Jason Avant that seems to sum up well how the team sees Vick.

"We look up to him. The Bible says, 'The righteous man falls seven times but he gets up again.' He's getting up and trying, and it's helping him and helping our team. Guys look at him not as a quarterback; we look at him as an inspiration. We look at him as a guy who has been through hell and back-and he's conquered it."

We know the players on this team look up to Vick and take inspiration from them. That's why they voted him their Ed Block Courage Award winner last year, much to the entire countries' derision. Not everyone has to look up to Vick or admire his comeback. It's understandable that many people don't... but the team does.