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Eagles have the most wins in the NFL over teams with winning records

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With their impressive win last night over the Giants, the Eagles are the only team in the NFL with 4 victories over teams with winning records. Those teams include the 8-2 Atlanta Falcons, the 6-4 New York Giants, the 6-4 Indianapolis Colts, and the 6-4 Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Patriots, Falcons, and Titans are the only other teams with 3 wins over teams with winning records. The Pats knocked off the Ravens, Steelers, and Colts. The Falcons have beaten the Saints, Buccaneers, and Ravens. And finally, the oddball of the group, the 5-5 Titans have beaten the Eagles, Giants, and Jaguars.

Philly will have a chance to knock off the 5th team this season with a winning record next Sunday when they go to Chicago to face the 7-3 Bears.