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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Eagles Talk About Tonight's Game

The Eagles host the New York Giants tonight for sole possession of first place in the NFC East. This week, they talked about what it's going to take to get a W. Michael Vick said he expects the Giants to bring pressure.

"We expect the pressure; we expect to get a little blitzing. We expect them to try to do things to try to disrupt our timing and things of that nature. Football is a chess match and that's what it's all about. We'll be ready. They get good pressure on the quarterback and they do a great job in rushing the passer. They get their hands on it and they make sure they take him down. You just have to trust the guys in front of you."

The Eagles put up 85 points on the Giants on the Giants last season and swept them. They've actually won 4 straight against the Giants, including a playoff win. Jason Avant was asked whether this meant they have a "mental edge" on the Giants?

"No, we don't. The mental edge is all about the field. You go out and play. I think that the coaches have been putting us in great positions to make plays, and I don't believe in the mental edge stuff. I think that if you don't keep your mind focused, I believe in this part, if you're not focused for the game, I think that you can get beat as bad as it gets in this league. And I think we have to do that this week."


Finally, Asante Samuel was asked how many weeks CB Dimitri Patterson would have to keep playing at the level he's at until they start throwing back to his side again?

"I don't know. Like I told Dimitri, I was in his shoes before. When [former Patriots CB] Tyrone Poole went down, it was me and [former Patriots CB] Ty Law out there. Every meeting, coach always told me, ‘they're not coming at Ty Law, they're going to come at you.' He was the Pro Bowler and I was the rookie, the young guy. I definitely earned my stripes and they came at me. It took weeks, years. It took awhile to earn it."