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The Carolina Panthers Sad Quarterback Situation

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We're going to digress just a bit here because the stuff said about the Carolina Panthers QB situation this week is just too good not to share.

They Panthers will be without QB Jimmy Clausen this weekend after suffering a concussion. QB Matt Moore has already been lost for the year. Bad luck for sure. They could have started rookie Tony Pike, but opted instead to sign Brian St. Pierre who was not in a training camp this year and was literally a "stay at home dad" last week. Oh and they're playing the Baltimore Ravens this weekend. What makes this story gold though is what Panthers coach had to say about his new QB.

"The guy has been in some games," Fox said.
He has been in some games, two since 2004 to be specific. In those two games who threw a grand total of 5 passes, two of which were completed. The quarterback himself was equally as reassuring.
"I know what the situation looks like to everyone," St. Pierre said. "It is what it is. I’m not going to complain about it."

Again, so reassuring... He's "been in some games" and  "I'm not going to complain" are Panthers fans were told this week. St. Pierre sounds like a guy that knows he agreed to get beaten to a pulp...  We should be thankful that as Eagles fans we've got two QBs who have shown that they can step in and win games this year.