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The Linc - More McNabb, Kevin Turner Update, & Blackouts On The Rise

Donovan McNabb's time up with Redskins? - Peter King -
I tend to think McNabb should be the more worried party after Sunday. Is he really that desirable a quarterback? The Eagles dangled him for two months last spring, and the only team to give a market offer for him was Washington. If the Eagles didn't want him with three or four prime years left, and if the Redskins no longer want him, what are teams around the league to say? Well, Andy Reid and Mike Shanahan -- those are two guys who sure don't know quarterbacks! I'll take McNabb! Doubtful. Very doubtful.

Mike Wise - Donovan McNabb's benching reveals Mike Shanahan's lack of trust in his QB
Here's the dirty little secret the Redskins have been concealing as well as they can, until the fed-up Shanahan clan just couldn't take it anymore Sunday afternoon: They don't yet trust Donovan McNabb to run this offense. In the aftermath of Washington's annual Motown meltdown, they may never

Vick vs. Kolb: Myth and reality | Philly | 11/01/2010
As the Eagles prepare for the Colts and their final nine games, here's a look at how Michael Vick and Kevin Kolb compare through the first seven weeks.

Former Eagles fullback Turner sees hope in fight against ALS | Philadelphia Daily News | 11/01/2010
The Boston Globe reported that Turner is the 14th former NFL player to be diagnosed with ALS since 1960, a much higher rate than occurs in most adult males. Blackouts up 63 percent vs. 2009 "
Three games will blacked out in home cities this weekend bringing to 13 the number of blackouts through eight weeks this season – a 63 percent increase from the eight games that were blacked out through Week 8 in 2009. For the complete 2009 NFL season, there were 22 blackouts.