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The Linc - Eagles Going Green

Birds Going Greener at Linc With Wind, Solar Power
The Philadelphia Eagles are taking their gridiron off the grid. The team said Thursday that it will add wind turbines, solar panels and a cogeneration plant at Lincoln Financial Field over the next year, a combination that will make the stadium self-sufficient and let the Eagles sell some power back to the electric grid.

'04 Eagles have nothing on this group |
Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson and the rest of Philadelphia's offense are doing things that even Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens and Co. didn't do for the 2004 NFC champion Eagles.

Michael Vick is making Philadelphia Eagles' brass look smart - ESPN
Nine games don't make a season, but Michael Vick's Monday night show against the Washington Redskins could earn new Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman executive of the year honors.

Michael Vick Will Bring Out The Smug Asshole In America
I've seen on any number of message boards retard fans who had this to say about Vick taking apart the Redskins last week: "Well, I'd never want him on MY team. I'd be ashamed if he were my quarterback."

Goodell talks about Vick | Eagletarian | 11/18/2010
"I’m more proud of what he’s done off the field. He continues to mature and recognize that his decisions off the field are most critical for him and his family. He’s done a terrific job. And he continues to work in the community to make sure that people understand the mistakes he’s made and not to make them yourselves.

Winning e-mails for Eagles Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar - Extra Mustard -
Some funny stuff in here.

Loss to Eagles kept Dan Snyder in pajamas through Tuesday night | ProFootballTalk
Redskins owner Daniel Snyder thought his team could beat the Eagles on Monday night.  When the end result was a 59-28 thrashing by their NFC East rivals, Snyder slipped into a funk.