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Giants Players Talk About Facing Michael Vick

Just like everyone in America, the Giants were watching Monday night when Michael Vick put on a show against the Washington Redskins. This week Tom Coughlin was asked how he plans on trying to stop Michael Vick.

"We're trying to get the twelfth man out there," Coughlin said during his Wednesday press conference. "We've been working real hard on that and I think that the officials will give us one of those based on last week maybe."

He also said that watching the game gave him "indigestion." Several Giants players were also awed by Vick's performance, but that doesn't mean they're scared.

"I've never seen a quarterback do the things that Vick can do," said safety Antrel Rolle. "His pocket passing is more efficient and he has a bazooka for an arm and he runs faster than three-quarters of the receivers in this league.

"[But] you have swagger and confidence when you play anyone. It doesn't matter who you play. Vick, he's a guy. I understand what kind of weapon he presents but he is a guy. He puts his pants on just like each and every one of us put our pants on. Our swagger is going to be there, no matter who we play."

"Definitely a statement game for us," defensive tackle Barry Cofield said. "Hopefully they left a lot of that magic in Washington and don't bring it to Philly and hopefully this was a wake-up call for us last week. I think a lot of guys, and with good reason, had a lot of confidence and were used to winning. It is definitely jarring and a shock to the system when you lose the way we did."

"Ain't nobody Superman out on that field," Deon Grant said. "Vick is just like me, ain't won no Super Bowls yet."

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