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The Eagles needed Shawn Andrews and he burned them. Now the Giants need him.

Warning to my parents in case you stumble upon this: Please read no further.  Thanks.

I was a horrible student growing up.  In high school I never did any homework.  My teachers would assign it, I'd go home, and my parents would make me sit in my room for an hour or two, where I was supposed to be "studying."  Instead, I was either listening to my Walkman, looking at the most recent SI swimsuit edition, or literally just staring at the wall.  This is pre-internet, of course, and yeah, I'm old.  Based on just tests, I would have been very high in my class rank, but because I never did any work whatsoever, my teachers routinely dropped me a full letter grade, sometimes two full letter grades on my report cards.  I did just enough to get into college, even though my work ethic completely didn't warrant it.  And the reason I underachieved was very simple - I simply didn't give a rat's ass about school.

That didn't change when I went to college, although it was somewhat different.  At least in college I would trick myself into thinking I would try.  Before each semester began, I would convince myself that this was going to be the year I'd turn it around.  I was going to study.  I was going to not just attend class, but actually pay attention.  If an assignment was given, I was going to not just do it, but turn it in before the due date.  I'd buy my 5 subject notebook, laminate my syllabuses, clear off my desk, and really get ready to bust my ass and get to work.

But it was always the same thing - By the end of the second week of the semester, I'd be skipping class and playing beer pong at 11am.  I wasn't into academic achievement, so I just gave no effort at all.

And such is the career of our old friend Shawn Andrews.

Today Andrews missed practice with a "back" injury, and then proceeded to hang out on twitter... all day.  Maybe his back injury is legit.  I wouldn't know; I'm not Shawn Andrews, nor am I his doctor.  But I know this - A guy that truly loves football that has sustained a setback to an injury that has supposedly kept him out of the sport for the past 2 years does not type "LOOOOL" all day on twitter the week of a game in which he'll be playing against his former team for sole possession of the division lead.

Shawn Andrews tricked himself into thinking he wanted to play football.  He said all the right things after joining the Giants, reportedly worked hard, and even played decent football in his first two starts this season.  But it's always the same story with Andrews.  The same way I wasn't into academia, Shawn Andrews simply is just not into football.

Maybe Shawn Andrews will play this Sunday night in Philly.  Maybe he won't.  The reality of the situation is that the Giants find themselves in a situation in which they NEED Shawn Andrews to play.  It's juicy irony for Eagles fans.  If Andrews can't go, the Giants will be starting Will Beatty at LT and Kevin Boothe at LG.  Both players are coming off serious injuries (Boothe just returned from the PUP list with a torn pectoral muscle, Beatty just returned from a broken foot), both guys are inexperienced (Boothe has just 3 starts in 4 years with the Giants, Beatty has 4 starts in 2 years), and both guys struggled mightily last week in the Giants' embarrassing loss at home to Dallas.

The Eagles learned the hard way what happens when you're in a situation in which you have to rely on Shawn Andrews.  The Giants may experience the same.