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The Linc - Tom Brady On Michael Vick: "He's Damn Near Impossible To Stop"

Eight-year-old Jets fan allegedly tackled while leaving Browns game | ProFootballTalk
"A drunken Browns fan tackled him and pulled him out of his dad’s hand. He was on the ground crying," the boy’s mother said. The boy’s ankle was scraped and bruised. Must have been Eagles fans right?

Tom Brady On Michael Vick: "He's Damn Near Impossible To Stop" - SB Nation Philly
One of the things that all NFL players love about being on Monday Night football is that everyone else in the NFL is watching you.

The Designed Rush Redux: With Michael Vick And The Eagles, We May Finally Have A Favorite -
It took an eye-opening onslaught over a division rival, but the Philadelphia Eagles behind Michael Vick made a resounding statement that they will be a powerhouse and presumptive Super Bowl favorite in the NFC.

Why We Love Sports: Laron Landry's Unfortunate Trash Talk, And Desean Jackson's Unfortunate Metaphor - From Our Editors -
See, if that happened in real life, he would just be a typical a**hole, and the Eagles would have to either turn the other cheek, or risk looking classless themselves. But in sports, not only is it acceptable to make a point of humiliating someone like Laron Landry, it's encouraged.

Didinger: Eagles QB's Bring Capital Punishment
It is probably just a coincidence, one of those crazy quirks of fate, but arguably the three greatest single game performances by an Eagles quarterback took place in Washington.