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How do the Eagles match up to the rest of the NFL statistically?

Since there are no more bye weeks for the remainder of the 2010 season (and every NFL team has played 9 games), it's probably a fair time to take a quick look at how the Eagles have fared in comparison to the rest of the NFL is some key team statistical categories:

Offense Eagles Rank NFL Leader NFL Loser
Total Points 2nd (257 points) Patriots (258) Panthers (104)
Total Yards per game 3rd (400.2 yards per game) Chargers (420.2) Panthers (250.6)
Passing Yards per game 9th (249.1 per game) Chargers (312.4) Panthers (156.8)
Rushing Yards per game 3rd (151.1 per game) Chiefs (165.3) Broncos (76.8)

Defense Eagles Rank NFL Leader NFL Loser
Total Points 22nd (209 points) Packers (143) Cardinals (261)
Total Yards per game 11th (325 yards per game) Giants (270.2) Redskins (415.3)
Passing Yards per game 16th (221 yards per game) Saints (166.3) Texans (301.3)
Rushing Yards per game 12th (104 yards per game) Steelers (63.2) Bills (166.9)
Sacks 6th (tied with 26) Packers (28) Buccaneers (8)
Interceptions 1st (16) (Falcons are second with 14) Bills (2)

Offense/Defense Eagles Rank NFL Leader NFL Loser
Turnover differential 1st (+12) (Falcons are second with +9) Vikings (-11)
Point differential 6th (+48) Packers (+78) Panthers (-111)
Time of Possession per game 9th (31:55 per game) Giants (34:54) Cardinals (26:02)

The offensive numbers are pretty easily explained - It's an explosive offense that's putting up big numbers both in the passing game and the running game.  Really not much more to say than that.  Michael Vick is clearly a serious candidate for MVP of the NFL, and the weapons he has around him are incredibly fast and dynamic.

The defensive side of the ball is a little more interesting - While the yardage and point total numbers aren't impressive, the Eagles are dong a fantastic job getting pressure on the QB and creating turnovers.  They're 1st in the NFL in interceptions (16) 1st in turnover differential (+12), and 6th in sacks (26).

What do you see?