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The Linc - Michael Vick Has Finally Fulfilled His Promise

Michael Vick Is Finally What We Dreamed, And The Philadelphia Eagles Are A Nightmare -
Against the Washington Redskins Monday night, Michael Vick ran like we always knew he could, and threw the way we always he dreamed. His talent was a fairy tale, a cautionary tale, and now... Michael Vick's future is finally our present.

Numbers Don't Lie: Vick the Best QB in Football
Since taking over as starting QB, Michael Vick has racked up numbers that are beyond belief. By Reuben Frank

As Michael Vick Steals the Show, All The Redskins Can Do is Marvel - SB Nation DC
On a night which was all about Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick overshadowed him with a six touchdown effort. Afterwards, the Redskins went overboard praising the guy.

Eagles finished what Redskins started - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall and Santana Moss puffed their chests out like they'd chased the Eagles to the locker room. But they were soon embarrassed by Michael Vick and his three wide receivers.

Sad Redskins Fans: A Pictorial - From Our Editors -
The Washington Redskins lost tonight at home. They lost tonight at home by 31 points. They lost at home by 31 points to the Philadelphia Eagles. In terms of bad nights for the franchise, this might just be among the worst. As such, the rest of us now get to enjoy their misery. Let's take a look...

TheWizWit: McNabb Signs Laughably Ridiculous Deal With Redskins (IN PICTURES)
Let it wash over you...

You've Got To Be Shitting Me, Washington | Deadspin
This is a joke, right? Some big elaborate practical joke where everyone gets together and decides to say that the Redskins are going to pay Donovan McNabb up to $88 million dollars, just to mess with his head. Except no one warned me, and I'm relaying it as if it's fact.

NFL to look into spitting allegation, pregame skirmish | Eagletarian | 11/16/2010
The NFL will look into allegations by Eagles center Mike McGlynn that the Redskins' LaRon Landry spat at him twice and also the circumstances surrounding the pregame skirmish, a spokesman told the Daily News this morning.