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LaRon Landry Taunts DeSean Jackson About Concussions, Spits On Mike McGlynn

If true, this is pretty awful sportsmanship on the part of Redskins' S LaRon Landry. According to Jay Glazer, Landry and DeAngelo Hall were mocking Eagles WR DeSean Jackson for suffering a concussion earlier in the season. Local Philly reporters saw the same thing saying that Hall and Landry were making "go to sleep" gestures. The taunts led to a little pregame skirmish between the teams with Landry, Hall, & Jackson right in the middle.

Just a few minutes later, DeSean burned Landry for an 88 yard TD on the first play of the game. Quintin Mikell put it best, "Maybe he should have been more ready to play ball than talking."

Landry's embarrassing behavior didn't stop there. According to Eagles center Mike McGlynn, Landry spit on him twice.

Birds center Mike McGlynn said Redskins safety LaRon Landry had spit on him twice -- once after the Birds' third TD in the first quarter, and once late in the game, when the Eagles were running out the clock

"He got his," McGlynn said. "We got after him pretty good. The things that he did during the game, spitting on me twice … I don't have no respect for that. There's no place for that in our game."

It's hard to tell what was more embarrassing, Landry's play or his behavior.

McGlynn also said that the Eagles didn't take too kindly to Donovan McNabb's comments after the Redskins win over them earlier in the season when he said the Eagles "made a mistake" trading him.

"I think that fueled a fire in us, and we came out with a purpose tonight," McGlynn said. "It was good to see the way we played against him."

Note to the rest of the teams on the Eagles schedule. You really might want to consider not giving the Eagles any "bulletin board material." You won't like them when they're angry.

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