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NFC Obituary - Dead After Week 10 (and the hierarchy of the NFC)

Newly Dead:


The Vikings, at 3-6, are sitting behind not just the Packers and Bears in the NFC North by 3 games, but by 5 additional teams in the NFC that are also at least 6-3... and that doesn't even count the horrid NFC West, which will unfortunately eat up a playoff berth.

"That's the thing about Brett Favre: He's not afraid to throw interceptions. You have to admire him for that."

- Tom Jackson

Well Tom, he's been unafraid 16 times this season. Bye, Vikes.

Dead and buried


Yeah, Cowboys! Thanks for embarrassing the Giants. Good work fellas. OK, now go back to embarrassing yourselves, please. As for the Lions, so much better than what they were, but there's still a ton of work there. Still kind of hard to completely take them seriously when they haven't won a road game since 1988.

The Panthers remain terrible. Worst team in the NFL?

I definitely buried them too early. Oops.


I'll say exactly what I said last week - The 49ers are a bad team this year. I've personally seen nothing from this team that leads me to believe they can realistically compete for a playoff berth. I killed them off when they were 1-6, and yet, I wonder if that was too early. Why? Because that division, the NFC West, is beyond terrible.

Ridiculous that this division will send a team to the playoffs.

See the rest of the NFC hierarchy after the jump...

The worst division in sports


No changes here from last week. It's still a terrible division. The Cardinals lost to the Seahawks and the Rams lost to the 49ers in a couple NFC West crap fests.



5 years, $78M, with $40M guaranteed for Donovan McNabb? God bless you, Dan Snyder. Tom Brady should be firing his agent right about now. Nice defense by the way, Skins.

How are these teams 6-3?


The combined record of the teams the Bears have beaten: 15-39 (.278).

The combined record of the teams the Buccaneers have beaten: 14-40 (.259).

Oh, that's how.

Still a good team. Not as good as some thought.


Swoon. It's an annoying word for NFL fans. Dallas fans got annoyed at the whole "December swoon" thing. Well, it's time for the Giants fans to begin getting annoyed at the "late-season swoon" thing. They got embarrassed... at home... by a bad, demoralized team. And it was never seriously in doubt. Gone are the folks proclaiming this team the best team in the NFL. They're not even the best team in the division, and they better start winning, as in next week in Philly, if they don't want to start hearing that word with regularity. And this just in... Philly looks... you know, good.

Sleeping Giants Packers and Saints


These two teams had byes this week to the dismay of many a fantasy football owner. Massively talented teams here. Suddenly the NFC is really beginning to look like the dominant conference. Are the 4 best teams in the AFC as good as the Packers, Saints, Falcons and Eagles?

Flying high


Big, big win over the Ravens on Thursday night. Matt Ryan really looked like a star in the making. While the Falcons aren't as talented as the Packers or Saints, they've played better, save for a terrible performance in Philly and a few extremely lucky wins earlier this season.

Flying higher


Is there really a discussion here?