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The Linc - Mike Vick Slides For No One

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Sliding Not an Option for Vick
"I don’t know how to do it," Vick said. "I either get down, I go head first or dive or just fall. For some reason I always think I’m going to get hurt or something crazy’s going to happen. "In a game, I don’t even think about sliding. I know how to fall when I get it, so that makes it a lot easier."

Michael Vick sticks up for McNabb - NFC East Blog - ESPN
"To me, Don had good study habits, good work habits in the weight room, and he knew the game of football," said Vick. "And that was something that I always missed out on, because I didn't take the time out to learn the game or to work out, because I was a freak of nature, and I just felt like I didn't need that. I didn't need it. And after seeing that, I was like, 'I wonder how much different I would be if I just followed this routine and followed this pattern.' So from the time I got [to Philly], I kind of followed him around and just peeped his game and what he liked to do and how he did it, and kind of followed that regimen."

Redskins Currently Have Worst Red Zone % in Their Last 10 Years; But There is Some Good News - Hogs Haven
A breakdown of the Redskins red zone stats over the last decade.

The 2011 NFL Lockout: When America Descended Into Madness -
We assume the 2011 NFL lockout has already happened, and take a step into the future to see how it affected America. It isn't pretty.

Colts' Dwight Freeney rejects criticism that he 'kind of quit' in loss to Eagles - The Huddle: Football News from the NFL -

"That was kind of funny," Freeney said, via the Indianapolis Star. "The guy doesn't block me one-on-one, he has two other guys helping him or another guy helping, and he's talking trash after the fact. I wish I had heard some of that during the game, but I didn't hear it."

TheWizWit: Donovan McNabb is Cheesin' on Billy Ray Cyrus
I can't even believe this picture is real.

Hakeem Nicks accused of giving benefits to UNC players | ProFootballTalk
The University of North Carolina accused former player Hakeem Nicks on Thursday of providing improper benefits to football players at the school. Nicks was one of three players named.

Re-Focused: Week 9, Colts at Eagles
Eagles fans will be justifiably upset at the officiating in this game, and it took until the penultimate play for the contest to be decided. Credit has to go to Sean McDermott and his defense, which forced Peyton Manning to have his first negative pure passing grade with us since Week 10 in 2008.

Evoshield Gets Big Buzz Before It Hits Stores - CNBC
Michael Vick wire this new protective clothing last week.