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Who Powered Through For The Eagles In Week 9?

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We're going to be highlighting an Eagles player every week that played through injury or just generally powered through in a tough situation. After reading PFF's report on the Eagles Vs Colts game, one guy stood out to me.

After a couple of weeks out with injury, LT Jason Peters (+2.6) didn’t look rusty at all. He had a perfect game in pass protection despite the QB dropping back 40 times, and his run blocking (+0.9) was above average. One area Peters still needs to work on is penalties — he committed another false start.

Talk about a tough situation. You miss a few weeks to injury, have knee surgery and return just in time to face Dwight Freeney... and you shut him out. The Eagles certainly gave up some pressure in that game, but much of it came from Robert Mathis against Winston Justice, who did not have one of his better games.