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Asante Samuel, Shut Down Corner?

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We've been mentioning the kind of season Asante Samuel has been having all year. He's always been a guy that can read the passer and get picks, but he's never been considered a "shut down" corner like Darrelle Revis (not quite this year) and Nnamdi Asomugha. That might be changing this season. Not only is Asante still getting his picks, but he's now shutting down almost an entire half of the field. We saw Peyton Manning last week test Samuel twice early in the game, one pass was picked and the other was incomplete... He never threw to Samuel's side for the rest of the half. He's been doing that all year. Pro Football Focus, who charts every game found that not only is Samuel shutting down guys, he's doing it better than any DB in the NFL right now.

With a QB rating of 29 when targeted, Samuel ranks first in the league of all CBs who have played at least 50 percent of snaps

No doubt that he's done a great job and we'll certainly need him to keep up this level play for the rest of year.