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Shanahan On McNabb: "By No Means Is He Full Speed"

According to Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, Donovan McNabb is still hurting from a sore hamstring that has bothered him for the past several weeks. At this point, Shanahan doesn't know if McNabb will be ready to go full speed by Monday Night.

"Right now, he's improved from last week, but by no means is he full speed yet," Shanahan said. "As we go later in the week, I'll get a feel exactly where he's at, but right now I can't tell you if he could go full speed."

After initially saying he benched McNabb against the Lions because he didn't fully grasp the playbook, Shanahan later blamed the benching on McNabb's lack of "cardiovascular endurance" due to this hamstring injury. So if McNabb is still hurting come Monday, will he be benched again in a hurry up situation?