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The Linc - Eagles Fan, Soldier

Eagles fan, soldier shows true meaning of teamwork |
The Eagles have always had a unique kinship with the Armed Forces, but Reid now has a unique perspective. Having been there, having seen it, his few days in that warzone half a world away will forever impact how he coaches and how he lives his life.

Michael Vick is the best Quarterback in the NFL. Click Here to Disagree. - Deep End
I'd like to preface this piece by making it clear that I am not a delusional Eagles fan because I know the headline sounds like it was written by a sauced-up Pennsylvanian. I honestly believe what I am writing, and not just using it to try and drive traffic, because I don't get paid either way.

Cowboys suffer domain name failure at the worst possible time - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
According to the Dallas Morning News, the team forgot to renew the domain, and the site was left blank during the fallout from the Wade Phillips firing.

Big Blue Breakdown: The Bad Blitz Edition. - Stampede Blue
A look at the Colts' contain strategy (or lack thereof) against Mike Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles last Sunday.

Philadelphia Eagles Owners Jeffrey and Christina Lurie are Drexel University's 2010 Business Leaders
"Jeffrey and Christina are exemplary examples of business leaders who redefine what it means to be successful by leading their businesses and contributing to our communities in ways that improve our quality of life today, and lay the foundation for an even brighter tomorrow," said Dr. George Tsetsekos, dean of the LeBow College of Business.

Donovan McNabb stays calm amid the Redskins storm brewing around him
Surrounded by reporters and television cameras shortly before the team began its bye week, McNabb acknowledged he was "absolutely" insulted by reports of his inability to grasp Shanahan's two-minute offense and questions about his work ethic.

Redskins Insider - Clinton Portis says he hopes to play Monday night vs. Eagles
Running back Clinton Portis, who has missed half the season because of an injury, is "working" in hopes of playing this week as Washington plays host to Philadelphia on Monday night at FedEx Field, he said during a radio interview Tuesday.