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The Linc - Andy Reid Visits Paralyzed Rutgers Player Eric LeGrand

Paralyzed Rutgers player Eric LeGrand gets visit from Eagles coach Andy Reid |
Rutgers defensive tackle Eric LeGrand, like most collegiate football players, dreamed of one day having the undivided attention of an NFL coach. But not when he was lying flat on his back in a hospital bed and paralyzed from the neck down. Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid visited LeGrand last week, lifting the Avenel native’s spirits.

Who Wants To See Pictures Of Unhappy Cowboys Fans? You Do? - From Our Editors -
The Dallas Cowboys have seen a potential dream season turn into a nightmare. Fans are registering their displeasure.

Redskins Insider - Shanahan: no contract talks with McNabb during the season
Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan said Wednesday that he would not be involved in any contract discussions with quarterback Donovan McNabb - or any other player - during the season, further dampening the chances that the first-year quarterback could received an extension in Washington before the season is over.

Brian Dawkins Struggling In Denver - Mile High Report
If there was a stat for allowing receptions on pathetic bomb passes, we would probably lead the league. Sadly, Brian Dawkins is on the back end on many of these plays. The throw that Troy Smith put up today should NEVER be caught in the NFL.

Frank: Giving Each Eagle a Midterm Grade

Eagles bye week means it’s time to hand out midterm grades. The grades are based on how well a player carried out the responsibilities asked of him and not purely on production.

Let The Pouty Donovan McNabb Show Begin! | Deadspin
Almost always liked Donovan McNabb while an Eagle despite realizing, early on, that he was the king of pouty, passive-aggressive, veiled digs at people - disguised as saying "the right thing" - when he didn't get his way.

Fan-Demonium: Taking Stock At The Bye - Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles are 4-3 at the bye week. The season hasn't gone exactly as planned, but it has been interesting. There have been surprises. Let's talk about how some players have done so far.