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LeSean McCoy: "I Feel Ready To Go"

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The best news that the Eagles have gotten all week was that LeSean McCoy was a full participant in Friday's practice. Afterward, Shady spoke with reporters and said he was ready to go.

"I feel good. I feel ready to go. Very excited to get out there and play some football. It's another game for us."

On whether practicing today makes him feel better about playing through his injury:

"Yeah, I mean, I've played a whole half injured, so I feel confident. There's a little pain, but it comes with the territory in this type of business. In this type of game, you're bound to be banged up."

Andy Reid echoed McCoy's comments today, "I'm anticipating that he'll be able to play the full game and do what he needs to do there." At this point, it seems like a done deal that McCoy will play Sunday. That's a big boost.