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WR Chad Hall Gets Promoted?

According to Chad Hall's Twitter account, some roster changes may be on the horizon for the Eagles:

Heading to San Fran this weekend for the game! Traveling w the team baby! Time to make some plays on Sunday!!!!

The only possible explanation for this turn of events is that Hall was promoted off of the practice squad to fill in for Riley Cooper, who will likely miss this week's matchup against the 49ers while he recovers from a concussion. Speculation is that Omar Gaither, who has had a poor showing at linebacker so far, is in line to be released. Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott has already shown willingness to shake up his linebacker corps by giving Moise Fokou the starting SAM position over Akeem Jordan, so a veteran's release may light a fire under the remaining players. As McDermott said himself:

"I'm not afraid to make a move, I'll sit here and say it. I'm not afraid to make a move. If I feel like somebody's better than the guy that's playing, then the guy that's behind him is going to play."

While there has been no official announcement of any move, BGN will be keeping an eye on the situation and updating accordingly.

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