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Poll: NFL Victory Of The Week

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There's a number of pretty good choices for the victory of the week this time around. Certainly the Redskins coming up here and basically keeping their season alive was a good win. If this was the "I played poorly, but take some vindication because I won" poll, McNabb and the Skins would win running away.

The Browns actually winning a game is obviously a good thing for them. Maybe we should just give it to them because it might be their only chance to win victory of the week?

Personally, I was most impressed by the Jaguars beating the Colts. After last week, people were writing the Jags off as one of the league's bottom feeders and this week they had the team that's dominated their division for a decade coming into their house to finish them off... And they beat them. Any of of these could count though. Except the Patriots, I don't know why they're on there.

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