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The Linc - Attacking A Cover Two

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Didinger: Blame Coaching for Eagles' Loss | CSNPhilly
Ray blames Andy Reid's response to the Redskins' deep cover 2 for the poor performance of the Eagles offense. Says he "handcuffed" Kolb and pointed out that the underneath throws started before he ever got in the game.

Man Up: Bradley, Graham and McDermott | Philly | 10/04/2010
Forgot the final numbers. The Eagles did not have an impressive performance defensively against the 'Skins. Here's the player-by-player breakdown.

Rich Hofmann: Let's give Kolb a little credit | Philadelphia Daily News | 10/04/2010
Checkdown Charlie is a Brett Favre-ism, by the way. He famously derided quarterbacks who played that way on a conference call with Philadelphia reporters a couple of years ago - which people, including McNabb, took as a backhanded slap at McNabb's prudent style. Ah, memories.

Top Five: Ugliest Uniforms In Philadelphia Sports History - SB Nation Philly
Over this past year or so, we've seen our local sports teams make several uniform changes that have almost all been for the better. We haven't always been this lucky... Here are the top 5 worst looking uniforms in Philly sports history.

Video: Bradshaw fumbles while looking at self on video screen - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Ahmad Bradshaw's so vain, I bet he thinks this blog post's about him.

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